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Amputations & Disfigurements

Permanent Injuries

Amputation and disfigurement are permanent injuries that necessitate meticulous consideration of the associated lifelong care or loss costs. When a limb is lost, numerous specialized calculations must be undertaken to ensure fair compensation. These calculations are highly individualized and consider various factors unique to each case.

For instance, the valuation of a lost limb significantly varies depending on factors such as occupation and lifestyle. The impact of losing a leg will differ greatly between a librarian and a professional athlete, with distinct considerations for each scenario. Key aspects that may factor into the calculation process include:

    Number of artificial limbs required
    Specialization of limbs
    Cost of each artificial limb
    Estimated life span of artificial limbs
    Number of surgeries needed
    Recovery time
    Counselling needed since the injury
    Effects on future job prospects
    Effects on your life and family

Expert evidence is often needed for these cases, as the technology around amputations and artificial limbs is ever changing. It's important to be able to explain to insurance adjusters and legal professionals why you need the technology you're going to get, what it's for and what it can do to bring you back as much function as possible.


Scar Tissue Injury

Scars are commonly perceived as merely cosmetic injuries; however, severe scars and other forms of disfigurement can have profound and far-reaching impacts on one's life. Beyond the surface appearance, disfigurements can result in significant physical limitations and discomfort.
For instance, some scars may become puckered, leading to restricted movement around the scar tissue due to its inflexibility compared to normal tissue. In severe cases, individuals may require surgical intervention or skin grafts to alleviate pulling and stretching sensations. Additionally, disfigured areas may exhibit altered sensitivity, ranging from decreased sensation to heightened sensitivity, and may even become tender, painful, or itchy over time.
Furthermore, disfigurements, particularly those that are extensive or located on highly visible areas such as the face, can exert profound emotional impacts. Sufferers may experience a loss of confidence, feelings of self-consciousness, or psychological distress as they are reminded of the traumatic event that caused the disfigurement.
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