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Pedestrian Accident

Legal Assistance for Pedestrian Accidents

In today's increasingly distracted driving environment, pedestrian accidents have become a concerning trend. If you've suffered an injury in such an incident in Alberta or Saskatchewan, seeking reliable legal representation is essential. At Ludwar Law Firm, we are the trusted pedestrian accident lawyers serving Alberta and Saskatchewan. We specialize in securing compensation for our clients, ensuring they receive adequate reimbursement for lost wages, both present and future, and any other losses incurred due to the accident.
With over 25 years of experience, our team at Ludwar Law Firm is dedicated to assisting clients in assessing their post-accident losses, quantifying them accurately, and compelling insurance companies to recognize their obligations to provide fair compensation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only collect fees upon successfully obtaining compensation for our clients. We understand the toll such incidents take on individuals and their families, so our priority is to alleviate your burden by advocating for the disability benefits necessary to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses. Trust Ludwar Law Firm to navigate the legal complexities on your behalf and secure the financial support you deserve during this challenging time.

Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be the result of many types of negligent actions:

    Driving through a crosswalk without paying attention
    Drunk driving
    Distracted driving or reckless driving
    Driving too fast through a parking lot
    Not paying attention to pedestrians

Were You Hit By a Car?

In the aftermath of a pedestrian accident involving a vehicle, your entitlement to benefits typically stems from the insurance company representing the driver responsible for the collision. Two insurance adjusters are typically involved in this process: one tasked with handling your claim and another representing the interests of the individual who struck you.

Ensuring that the adjuster assigned to your case comprehensively assesses your situation is paramount. Often, these adjusters may lack complete information regarding the full extent of how the accident has impacted your life. It's imperative to communicate any and all repercussions you've endured due to the incident. This includes notifying the adjuster if you've experienced:

    Broken bones
    Concussion or other head injury
    Spinal or neck injuries
    Loss of a limb
    Serious strains
    Psychological effects
    Other injuries

All of these may cost you time off work as you recover, as well as medical costs and rehabilitation fees. Some may even cause you permanent disability, which can prevent you from going to work and making a living.

Talk to a Lawyer

Following an accident, insurance companies may dissuade you from seeking legal representation. However, engaging an experienced accident lawyer in Alberta is crucial, especially in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. Our specialized expertise uniquely positions us to assist you in securing the rightful compensation and benefits you deserve. Don't allow an insurance company to sway you from asserting your full legal rights and entitlements – it's essential to remember that their primary objective is profit, not prioritizing your best interests. Attempting to negotiate independently, without an in-depth understanding of the applicable provincial laws, can leave you at a disadvantage, potentially undervaluing your claim. Elevate your chances of obtaining a fair settlement by consulting with a knowledgeable accident lawyer who can advocate effectively on your behalf.

At Ludwar Law Firm, we prioritize providing you with the necessary time and attention to thoroughly discuss the extent of your injuries resulting from the accident. Recognizing the challenges of recalling details amidst trauma, we meticulously reconstruct the events surrounding the incident, ensuring no critical aspect is overlooked. With over two and a half decades of experience, our team has the expertise to ask pertinent questions and extract vital facts for securing the compensation you deserve.
Moreover, we take proactive steps to ensure your insurance adjuster receives comprehensive information, including accident details, medical evaluations, and rehabilitation reports. By meticulously compiling this data, we empower you to effectively demonstrate the impact of your injuries and pursue rightful compensation, even in cases where partial fault may be attributed to you.
In instances of permanent injury, our dedicated motor vehicle accident lawyers in Alberta extend their support by assisting you in applying for disability benefits. Leveraging the wealth of information gathered, we navigate the intricacies of Alberta or Saskatchewan law to ascertain the compensation you're entitled to and diligently pursue it on your behalf. Trust Ludwar Law Firm to guide you through every stage of the process, advocating steadfastly for your rights and ensuring your needs are met with the utmost professionalism and care.

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